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Working together to create an effective health and safety policy

Risk Assessments and Risk Management

Based in West Yorkshire

MARCON SAFETY UK, based in West Yorkshire, is an efficient health & safety management consultancy providing cost-effective risk management advice and training solutions for all sectors of industry in the U.K. We create Health & Safety policies and procedures for businesses and organisations designed to ensure current regulations are not breached and provide training to educate staff about their responsibilities.

Our risk management solutions will keep organisations up-to-date with new and amended Health & Safety regulations at an affordable cost to the business.

"Health and safety is not what it costs, it's what it saves"

MARCON SAFETY UK work to demonstrate that both employers and employees are in this together, almost 30,000 major injuries occur annually as well as 120,000 absences from work of 3 days or longer.

"If you think safety is expensive then try having an accident"

It is paramount for any business to understand the implications of failing in 'duty of care' whilst at the same time ensuring costs are kept to a minimum to safeguard survival and business development.

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