Competent Person Service

Compliance with health and safety law from just 50.00 per month

Competent Person Service

Occasionally businesses, irrespective of size, may not focus as hard as they should on the areas that are of significant risk to health, especially during these challenging economic times.

Our Competent Person Service ensures health and safety is affordable, allowing businesses to thrive and be compliant at all times.

A Competent Person Service strengthens an organisation's requirements for sound health and safety without the costs of a full time employee. We will assist you in managing your workplace specific risk and ensure you stay on the right side of health & safety law.

Why do we have to appoint a Competent Person?

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, under Regulation (7), requires each employer to appoint one or more competent persons to assist in the effective health and safety management of their organisation.

If a Competent Person is not made available then the company is in breach of the Management Regulations (7) and prosecutions may follow.

MARCON SAFETY UK will provide all the ongoing support to businesses (SMEs) who do not have the resources available to employ a full time health & safety professional.

We can offer you our services at manageable rates, starting from just 50.00 per month.

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